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Save on SkinCeutical’s Combo Solution for Redness & Rosacea

Did you know that over 45 million people are affected by rosacea? This chronic skin condition makes your face turn red, and may even cause swelling and acne-like skin sores. There is no cure, and prescription medications currently on the mark don’t address flushing and redness symptoms very well.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to neutralize redness caused by rosacea. Even better, we’ve hooked up with SkinCeuticals to offer you their Redness Neutralizer Combo pack at a deep discount! Here’s the skinny on this comprehensive solution:

• Redness Neutralizer employs a patent-pending complex of tripeptides and bark extract to prevent redness and flushing, which is brought on by vasodialation of the blood vessels.
• Used twice daily after applying antioxidant and before applying sunscreen in the morning and at night on clean skin, test subjects reported a 30% reduction in redness and flushing.
• Safe to use if pregnant and safe to use in combination with prescriptions, your skin will feel cooler smoother and appear less red or irritated.
• Supporting ingredients help reinforce the skin’s barrier while providing ample – but not heavy – hydration.

SkinCeutical’s Redness Neutralizer Combo pack includes their Redness Neutralizer (3 month supply) and CE Ferulic (6 weeks supply), normally priced at $139. We’re going to sweeten the deal by adding a Sheer Physical or Physical Fusion SPF 50 to the mix, then offering you the whole combo for the low promo price of $120 until April 30, 2012.