Jane Ko’s Favorite Treatments at Viva

Looking for the most popular spa and med spa treatments in Austin? We’ve shared our Top Austin Spa Treatments in 2022 our Most Popular Services before, but there’s nothing like a well-known taste maker’s recommendations, is there?

If you know Jane Ko, you know that she’s got the pulse of all things amazing in Austin. And if you don’t know Jane – she’s a native Texan and famed food blogger who shares and champions her favorite local businesses on her popular Austin blog A Taste of Koko, as well as on her Instagram and TikTok channels. As a frequent visitor at Viva, Jane has curated her list of favorite spa treatments, skin care products and self-care tips with us to inspire your self-care journey. Check out her Viva favorites below!


Jane Ko’s Favorite Spa Treatments

Jane has been visiting Viva’s three Austin locations for almost 5 years, so it’s safe to say you can trust that she knows her way around the spas. Over the past few years, she frequents Viva as often as once a month to establish a regular self care routine and keep her busy life as a food and lifestyle blogger more balanced.

Jane says, “I love getting deep tissue massages, specifically with Damon at Domain Northside. I also love booking with Tabs on 35th—she gives an incredible head massage! I love that many of the massage therapists stay with Viva, so I can consistently book with my favorite ones. I also like that the lobby and waiting rooms are relaxing!”

Jane travels a lot which can wreak havoc on her skin. She says, “for facial treatments, I love HydraFacials to keep my face feeling hydrated and clean—especially when I’ve had a lot of travel.”

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Jane Ko's Favorite Spa Treatments at Viva Day Spa + Med Spa | Austin, Texas

Jane Ko’s Favorite Med Spa Treatments

In 2016, Viva expanded our service offerings to include a carefully curated menu of non-invasive med spa treatments. Our vision was to bring together the best of the spa and med spa worlds: the beautiful, relaxing spa experience that Austin has known and loved for the past 17 years with the addition of nationally recognized medical aesthetics talent and expertise.

Jane (and her mom!) have both become devoted fans of the med spa treatments at Viva. Jane says “On the med spa side, I love getting preventative Botox with Meagan—she’s the BEST.”

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Jane Ko's Mom Botox at at Viva Day Spa + Med Spa

Favorite Skincare Products

At Viva, we firmly believe that great skin care products are just as important as regular visits to your esthetician. The benefits of using sunscreen, skin-renewing products, and antioxidants, have all been shown to both prevent and correct signs of aging. Jane Ko couldn’t agree with our ethos more.

I discovered SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Sunscreen at Viva Day Spa + Med Spa, and I use it every day. It’s lightweight, tinted, blends seamlessly into my skin, but more importantly, I use it every day!”

She says, “I also love SkinCeuticals Glycolic Renewal Gel Cleanser. This is my go-to everyday face wash.”

And no skincare routine is complete without a great antioxidant to keep out those free radicals. Jane says “Lastly, I incorporate SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic into my morning routine. I put this on my face before the sunscreen in the morning. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens my skin.”

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Jane Ko's Favorite Skincare Products from Viva Day Spa + Med Spa

Favorite Viva Day Spa + Med Spa Locations

Viva currently has three locations in Austin. Our flagship at the Domain NORTHSIDE, our original location on 35th street near UT, and out Downtown/South Austin location on South Lamar.  While Jane frequents all three locations, we asked her to pick a favorite.

“I’m torn between the original 35th location and the Domain Northside location. I love how the 35th location is tucked away off Old West Austin, but I also love how big the Domain Northside location is. I can always do some shopping and grab a bite before and after a treatment!”

We could never choose a favorite, of course! But here are some favorite coffee shops near our Domain location, our favorite things to do near our 35th street spa and our favorite South Lamar haunts! Plus some favorite shops near all our locations for good measure.

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Self-Care Tips from Jane Ko

With her demanding schedule, Jane has had to learn how to prioritize and schedule in some self care. She says, “One of my self-care goals this year is to prioritize putting aside 10-30 minutes a day to give myself what I need like going for a walk or taking a hot bath with a candle lit at the end of the day.”

Some of our other favorite ways to take some time out are:

1. Make time for a bubble bath (or a eucalyptus steam shower)
2. Try the 25 minutes of active time, and 5 minutes of rest rule
3. Schedule regular visits to the spa for “me” time (don’t forget about our 10% rebooking discount and series specials!)
4. Ask friends for book + show recommendations

Make Time for Your Self-Care

At Viva, we believe self-care is for everyone. Our Austin spas are designed to help people unwind and de-stress, and we love that people visit us to focus on their physical health and mental well-being. Book your appointment online today or buy a gift certificate to any of our Austin locations.

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