Pregnancy Massage

Best Massage in Austin 2021

We’re thrilled that Viva Day Spa was once again voted Best Massage in Austin, Texas in the 2021 reader’s polls for both The Austin Chronicle and Austin-American Statesman.

Oh Mama! Pregnancy is one of life’s most beautiful experiences. However, being a vessel of life can be tough on the body of expectant moms. Pregnancy massage, or prenatal massage, is a therapeutic massage designed to focus on the special needs of a mother-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. Viva Day Spa’s maternity massages relieve tension, aches and pains, leg cramps, headaches, and reduce swelling. Most importantly, they are deeply relaxing.

Pregnancy Massage During All Trimesters

Austin’s favorite pregnancy spa, Viva Day Spa offers safe, relaxing massage treatments for pregnant women through the third trimester.


  • Pregnancy Massage | 90, 75, 60, 45 or 30 Minutes
  • Aromatherapy
  • Warm Neck Pillow
  • Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment on Neck & Feet
Total Time: 30-90 Minutes Price: $95-$180
  • 90 Minute Prenatal Massage | $180
  • 75 Minute Prenatal Massage | $155
  • 60 Minute Prenatal Massage | $135
  • 45 Minute Prenatal Massage | $115
  • 30 Minute Prenatal Massage | $95
  • Save On A Series:
  • Buy 5 Massages, Get the 6th Free


  • Hand or Foot Hydration Treatment | $15
  • Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation & Take Home Dry Brush | $15
  • Extra 15 Minutes of Massage | $25
  • Lavender Scalp Treatment (15 Minutes) | $30
  • Warm Sugar Foot or Back Scrub with Essential Oils (15 Minutes) | $30

Is Prenatal Massage Safe?

Yes, maternal massages are safe and healthy throughout your entire pregnancy including during the first trimester. We strongly recommend getting the okay from your doctor before a massage treatment if you have a high-risk condition. Also, be sure to let us know that you are expecting when you schedule your prenatal massage at Viva.

Pregnancy Massage Techniques

Viva’s licensed therapists know the correct prenatal massage techniques and the areas to focus on or avoid to soothe your mom-to-be aches and pains. Your massage therapist will take extra care in checking on you throughout the massage for comfort level and body temperature. Viva Day Spa also offers special pregnancy bolstering for body (and belly!) support and complete protection of the baby.

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