Valentine’s Spa Gift Ideas For Her, Him & Them

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Valentine’s Spa Gift Ideas For Her, Him & Them

Need ideas for the best sweets for your sweetie this year? We’ve done the thinking for you. Here’s your stress-free selection of our best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a relaxing spa escape at the best spa in Austin. All are healthy, almost calorie-free, and 100% guaranteed to melt your honey’s heart without melting your wallet.
What she wants most (aside from…

Woman holding a sparkler and looking up at it on New Year's Eve.

New Year, New You: Best MedSpa Treatments to Turn Back Time

A new decade is officially upon us. The new year is a great time to make some ambitious resolutions — but why not gift yourself with one instead? Unlike those lofty new year’s resolutions, our med spa treatments will give you guaranteed results. Here’s how you can turn back the clock for your skin in 2020.
Got some crow’s feet or fine lines that you wish…

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Spa Packages: The Ultimate Experience in Luxury

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a massage or a facial, where you’re focused on nothing else but melting into a blissful puddle of relaxation. But that hour usually goes by lightning fast and it always ends with you wishing that, well, it wasn’t over yet.

Considering how much time we all spend hunched over computers, waiting in lines and traffic, and tending to the…

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Winter Skin Treatments Your Face Is Craving

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care . . . and our skin starts looking less human and more reptilian. The cold, dry air of the season can wreak havoc on your skin, stripping it of moisture and softness. Thankfully, our gift for you this holiday season is a Holiday miracle — in the form…

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Viva’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Time to unpack your advent calendars from the attic or basement, because the holidays are just around the corner! Whether you’re staying local or jetting off to somewhere that actually gets snow — in which case, we’re jealous — this time of year always seems jam-packed with hustle and bustle. That makes it the perfect time of year to take a few hours to…

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Botox Vs. Dysport: What’s The Difference?

Mark Twain once wrote, “wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” Obviously, this guy had never been on Instagram before. These days, it’s not just A-list celebrities who seek out age-defying treatments for their faces and bodies. You can scroll through your feed and find pic after pic of all kinds of people, enjoying the good life wrinkle-free.

With derma fillers and non-surgical injectables…

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Top Skin Fixes You Can Get From Your Photofacial

If you’re like us, you put a major priority on your skincare. After all, it’s no fun to face the world with a face full of fine lines, oversized pores, or discoloration. And while beauty products like leopard print sheet masks and pore strips sure are fun with a glass of wine and Lizzo on full blast, sometimes you need to break out the…

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Laser Hair Removal Is For Everyone: Dark Skin Edition

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin: Is it Safe?
When it comes to beauty products, not all work the same for everyone. From foundations and hair colors to moisturizers and lipsticks, we know that looking and feeling our very best means finding what works best for the specific needs of our skin. What you might not know is that this also applies to certain med…

Swedish vs. Deep Tissue Massage: What’s Your Massage Style?

There are so many reasons why people get massages. Whether it’s an athlete recovering from a sports injury, an office worker who hunches over a screen eight hours a day, or a busy mama who feels the strain from constantly lifting and carrying her kiddos, massages are a perfect way to heal the body from physical and emotional tension. And it doesn’t hurt that…

A woman laying down and holding her pregnant stomach at the top and bottom.

Our Complete Spa Guide for Hot Mamas-To-Be

As much talk as there is of the “glow” of pregnancy, the truth is that you’re probably not feeling your best these days. With a baby bump that’s more of a baby watermelon, swollen feet, morning sickness, back aches, and a surprise sprinkling of new hair cropping up in unwanted places, you probably feel more in need of a visit to the spa than…