Viva Foot Ritual Massage

The ultimate pampering for those tired feet! This 30-minute foot massage treatment includes Magic Mint foot reflexology, a warm cocoa butter foot massage, and a warm foot and calf sugar scrub.

What Is Foot Reflexology?

Viva Day Spa’s massage therapist will apply pressure to specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing response in corresponding areas of the body. Kneading the ball of the foot, pulling on the toes, tracing around the heel, and pushing deep into the arch are some of the small, intense movements you’ll experience during a foot reflexology treatment.


  • 30 Minute Foot Ritual
  • Magic Mint Foot Reflexology
  • Warm Cocoa Butter Foot Massage
  • Foot and Calf Sugar Scrub
  • Warm Neck Pillow
  • Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment on Neck & Feet
Total Time: 30 Minutes Price: $95


  • Viva Magic Mint or Lavender Scalp Treatment (15 Minutes)| $30

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