Holiday Rocks Massage Package

total time

1 Hour 50 Mins

price (USD)




Order your holidays on the rocks with this deeply relaxing massage package with all of our luxe spa trimmings.

comes with

  • Sauna with Cool Peppermint Towels
  • One Hour Hot Rock Massage
  • Hydrating Holiday Body Butter Wrap with a Warming Blend of Vanilla, Ginger & Orange
  • Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation
  • Merry Mint Scalp Treatment
  • Cool Cucumbers on the Eyes
  • Take Home Gift Bag
  • Served with Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream


  • Upgrade to Deep Tissue, Sports or Pregnancy Massage for $10
  • 30 Minutes of Extra Massage for $45
  • Deluxe Viva Pedicure for $70
  • Deluxe Viva Manicure for $55
  • Custom Designer Facial for $105