Our Complete Spa Guide for Hot Mamas-To-Be

As much talk as there is of the “glow” of pregnancy, the truth is that you’re probably not feeling your best these days. With a baby bump that’s more of a baby watermelon, swollen feet, morning sickness, back aches, and a surprise sprinkling of new hair cropping up in unwanted places, you probably feel more in need of a visit to the spa than ever.

That’s why this is a perfect time to indulge in a much-needed and much-deserved pregnancy spa pampering (hint, hint, significant others!). Not only is your body going through uncomfortable changes that could use a little TLC, but the months ahead are the calm before the storm. You’re about to experience a lack of sleep, late nights, messy diapers, and a schedule that no longer belongs to you. So why not treat yourself while you have the time?

Is Pregnancy Massage Safe?

First things first. You’re a mama-to-be, and your number-one priority is to keep your baby — and yourself — as healthy as possible. If you’re a high-risk pregnancy, we strongly suggest you get the go-ahead from your doctor before a massage treatment. Otherwise, our pregnancy massage treatments are safe and healthy throughout your entire pregnancy.

Here at Viva Day Spa, we love pampering moms-to-be, and our deep and experienced knowledge of massage techniques safely and comfortably address the special needs of pregnant women like you. Our trained massage therapists know which techniques to use, as well as which areas to focus on or avoid to best soothe your aches and pains. They will take special care in checking on you throughout the massage for comfort level and body temperature, as well as special pregnancy bolstering for body support and complete protection.

A study at the University of Miami School of Medicine indicates that massage therapy during pregnancy can have benefits such as decreased anxiety, reduced leg and back pain, and improved sleep. Our licensed massage experts here at Viva Day Spa have specifically designed a full body pregnancy massage to soothe aches and pains and reduce swelling in the body during your pregnancy journey. Our ultimate prenatal pampering pregnancy massage includes:

Your choice of 90, 75, 60, 45, or 30 minutes of gentle, indulgent massage

  • Warm neck pillow
  • Hot herbal steam towel to soothe aching feet and legs

Or even better, hook yourself up with a massage series and get a massage every month of your pregnancy! Buy five of the same treatments, and your sixth visit is on us!

*We also offer you the option of these upgrades for a full-on pampering:

  • Hand or Foot Hydration Treatment | $20
  • 15 Extra Minutes of Massage | $25
  • Warm Sugar Foot or Back Scrub with Essential Oils (15 Minutes) | $35
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Are There Other Pregnancy Spa Treatments That Are Safe for Me?

Yes! We have a wide variety of spa and med spa services for the mind, body, and spirit to help you feel incredible from the inside out before, during and after you pregnancy. Besides massage, we also offer facials, waxing and more. Don’t worry, Mama, we’ve got plenty of primping and pampering you can do while pregnant:

A Flaunt-Your-Features Facial

Most facials will be safe for you during your pregnancy, including those that are designed to deep cleanse the skin through exfoliation, steam, and gentle serums. Facials with harsher treatments, like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) such as salicylic acid, could be potentially harmful to your extra-sensitive skin and should be avoided until after you’ve given birth and are finished with breastfeeding.

However, our Organic Custom Designer Facial is very popular for mamas-to-be. With all organic ingredients — including a blueberry detox peel and massage for the neck, shoulders, and arms — it’s a safe and natural way to boost your mood and give your body a little extra love when you need it most. The Organic Summer Facial Package includes:

  • One-hour Custom Organic Facial with blueberry detox peel
  • Emollient organic eye treatment
  • Exfoliating organic lip treatment
  • Neck, shoulder, and arm massage with Oh So Coconut-Vanilla body lotion
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Manicure and Pedicure for Tip-to-Toe Beauty

This is another indulgent treat you can enjoy safely during your pregnancy. Here at Viva Day Spa, your mani or pedi is done in a well-ventilated and highly sanitary environment. You’ll get to take advantage of your newly strong and fast-growing nails, thanks to those pregnancy hormones and prenatal vitamins. In your last trimester especially, a pedicure can be soothing for aching feet, increasing your circulation and easing your swelling.
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Full-Body Beauty-Boosting Bikini Waxing

Let’s be honest. When you’re pregnant, your bikini line is probably the area of your body that’s getting the least amount of love. As the bump in your belly grows, you see less and less — literally! — of the view down below. So why not treat yourself to a little grooming? It’s completely safe, and even something as small as cleaning up your edges is an act of self-care for a mama-to-be.
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Spa Packages Just for Mamas-to-Be

Looking for pregnancy spa packages? Here at Viva Day Spa, we believe that self-care is a form of healthcare, and we want to help you feel good about yourself from the inside out, always — but especially when you’re pregnant and in need of some extra pampering!

In fact, we have the mother of all spa packages perfect for mamas-to-be! Our Mama Diva Prenatal Spa Package includes the following treatments for some sweet pregnancy relief:

  • 75 Minute Pregnancy Massage
  • Foot & Sugar Calf Scrub
  • Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment
  • Choice of Hydrating Body Wrap—all pregnancy approved!
  • Lavender Scalp Treatment
  • Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation
  • Hand Hydration Treatment
  • 60 Minute Organic Custom Designer Facial
  • Express Manicure and Pedicure
  • Served with Lunch, Hot Tea & Chocolates
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Not to brag, but it’s basically the most soothing prenatal spa package in Austin, Texas! Come visit us at any of the three Viva Day Spa locations and find out why we were voted 2018 Best of the Best Massage in Austin by the Austin American-Statesman. Visit us online to book your visit or purchase a spa gift certificate today! It’s never too soon for a little prenatal pampering!

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