Skin Tightening: All You Need To Know

“Skin tightening” might sound kind of scary. But we’ve got good news — tightening your skin in areas that have seen the effects of aging and gravity doesn’t have to be scary. And it doesn’t have to involve drastic measures.

That’s because there’s a new skin tightening technology in Austin — say hello to Forma Skin Tightening by InMode. It tightens target areas in a non-invasive way for results that are safe and natural looking! That means a non-surgical approach to outdated and often risky techniques, like surgical face lift or neck lift. It’s the safest and most effective way to sculpt your way to an instant facelift. This FDA-approved technology is safe and virtually painless. Best of all, your skin will look smoother and more defined with absolutely zero downtime.

Got another place on your body that you’d like reverse the clock on? Other common areas for Forma skin tightening are the neck, forehead, jowls, under arms, inner and outer thighs, and abdomen. Not only does Forma lift and firm loose or sagging skin and wrinkles, it also works as a powerhouse preventative treatment to help maintain younger-looking skin for anyone in their late 20s and 30s. Have we piqued your interest yet?

Here’s what you need to know about the anti-aging and preventive benefits of this new miracle skin technology.

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For Forma Skin Tightening?

Celebrities and models like Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, Chrissy Tiegan are getting the Forma facial (see Insta stories snaps below!). But the best part is that this skin tightening technology not just for red carpet attendees. If you’re in your 30s or beyond, you’ve probably noticed the way that gravity has slowly but surely made its mark on your face and body, and that spots that were previously supple and smooth have, well, drooped a little.

Instagram stories of celebrities Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Tiegan and Emma Roberts receiving Forma skin tightening facial.

That’s because as we age, our skin loses its ability to produce as much collagen as it did in our younger years. Personally, we think it’s a fair trade for becoming wiser and more graceful as we become older! But we want to help you look and feel your best, so if you have some areas you’d like to tighten and firm on your body, we totally get it, and we’re here to make that happen for you.

It doesn’t matter what skin tone or type you have — as long as you’re looking for a natural-looking, non-invasive method to enhance your skin’s tone, texture, and firmness, you’re a perfect candidate.


So What Is This Magic Skin Tightening That Feels Like A Hot Stone Massage?

Close-up of a woman receiving the Forma facial skin tightening treatment at Viva Day Spa + Med Spa in Austin, TX

Forma Skin Tightening is its name, and firming your skin to a more youthful-looking appearance is its game. This FDA-approved technology uses radio-frequency energy to increase collagen turnover and increase the elasticity of your skin — the very thing that keeps it supple and youthful looking. It’s not only a safe and nearly pain-free way to define and smooth your skin instantly, but also a non-surgical procedure, so it requires no downtime whatsoever. So, what exactly happens during this instant facelift?

Your licensed Viva med spa practitioner will apply a cool conductive gel to your skin — kind of like an ultrasound — so that the warm temperature of the Forma wand will feel comfortable, like a relaxing hot stone massage. Forma then glides across your skin, emitting a controlled radio frequency as it moves, which heats the deep layers of tissue beneath the skin.

The clinically proven, proprietary A.C.E. technology ensures the heating treatment maintains a consistent ideal temperature for a set period of time, for safe and thorough results. Your body’s natural response to the deep tissue stimulation is to activate new collagen, resulting in a firmer and more contoured appearance.

Ready to stop reading about this youth-preserving technology and get the heck on with it? Book a Forma skin tightening treatment online or by phone today, or request a complimentary consultation with our expert medical team at our Domain or Lamar Viva Day Spa + Med Spa in Austin locations. And, best of all, say goodbye to loose skin for good!

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